FullSizeRenderI am currently an assistant professor in the philosophy department at the University of South Carolina.  Prior to joining the philosophy faculty at UofSC, I was a Collegiate Assistant Professor of Humanities at the University of Chicago, where I was a member of the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts and an affiliated faculty in the philosophy department.  I earned my PhD in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, where I worked under the direction of Michael Thompson and John McDowell.  I earned my B.A. in Philosophy and Medieval Studies (with Classics minor) at Indiana University-Bloomington.

My research lies at the intersection of philosophy of action and ethics.  I am the co-PI on a major 28 month research grant, titled “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning in Life.” I also have research interests in the history of ethics, especially medieval and early modern; and despite my better judgment, I’m pretty obsessed with Kant.  The philosophers who have most positively influenced my own work in ethics and action are the three A’s:  Aristotle, Aquinas, and Anscombe.